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Leonor Anthony, artist

Leonor Anthony is a Cuban Born multidisciplinary activist artist based in Miami, Florida. She is an accredited scholar, artist, photographer, curator and published author. Leonor is world-renowned for her courageous use of materials and by creating works that invoke awareness to some of the most important social and environmental issues of our time.

She is recognized for using art as a vehicle of activism. She explores limitless styles, materials and unprecedented assertiveness, characterized by violently expressive color and jarring compositions. Through these elements, Leonor is able to bring light to issues ranging from immigration, women’s empowerment, and environmental preservation, The imagery of her art is crafted through her unflinching willingness to elicit emotional reactions. Her intense but sophisticated style is a reflection of the artist’s unending search for freedom of expression and her bold and fearless penchant towards iconoclasm.

Leonor Anthony participated by invitation in the 57th Venice Biennale. Her works were exhibited as part of the European Cultural Center’s exhibit Personal Structures, Open Borders at the Palazzo Bembo in the Grand Canal from May 13th to November 26th, 2017.

Two of her monumental works are part of the Florida International University’s permanent collection exhibited at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and The FIU College of Law.

In April 2017, Leonor Anthony was honored with the FIU Alumni of Distinction award, the universities highest recognition of excellence and service .

Her work is part of the permanent collection of the University of California Davis Medical Campus, her piece Reminiscing in Tempo is located in the president of the University’s office. The work was the focus of an inter campus series of talks on the existing inequities on the US Health Care System during the 2020 Pandemic.

In 2013, Leonor was awarded the prestigious title of permanent Artist-in-Residence at the Florida International University Honors College. She is the founder and curator of the FIU Honors College Art Collection. In 2019, Leonor became the official curator of art for the Florida Grand Opera.

She is the co-author of the critically acclaimed book “Sounds of Freedom” based on her concept of union of Jazz Black and white images of the 1960’s , the Civil Rights Movement and her work inspired but both. The book is part of the US Library of Congress as well as President Barack Obama’s personal collection.

Her work is in permanent collection of the Jefferson City Missouri Museum of Modern Art  and Museo Contemporaneo de Valencia , Venezuela. A monumental installation currently in production ( The Last Supper ) will also  part of the permanent collection of the Junmao Museum of Contemporary Art in Cancun , Mexico, which she co created with internationally renowned architect Raul Huitron.

Her project “Sustaining Love” was exhibited during the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow Scotland ( COP26 Summit )in an exhibit named Harbinger, The effect of climate change on marginalized women of color, and at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art , from Dec 26/2021 to Feb 26/2022 .

 In October 2022 she was awarded The Arctic Circle Fellowship and sailed the waters around the North Pole with 27 Artists and scientists in an unequaled and exclusive ecological Artist Residency. As a result of this experience, Leonor is currently producing, directing and editing her first full length documentary film titled “Ice Breaking” and a book of poetry titled “Arctic Visions : Poetry and Images from a Changing Landscape” with fellow artist photographer Roberto Polillo.