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Espinasse31 Milan

Leonor was invited to participate in the prestigious Espinasse31 Milan artist residency from February 1 – March 1, 2018. The work she produced during this residency was part of the Art Fucks Fashion exhibit which opened concurrently with the Milan Fashion Week 2018. The exhibit was a huge success, which led to articles written in over 12 renowned international magazines and newspapers.
Her project, Objects of Passion focused on the physicality of fashion, the connection among art, fashion and key icons of the fashion world.

After her recent participation in The Venice Biennial, the Cuban artist Leonor Anthony has dedicated some of her time to new projects that connect her personal artistic experiences and the fashion world. She explains, “fashion is wearable art, art that is alive, moving and ever changing. The two things are completely interrelated . Since all of my work reflect who I am and my voice regarding society and all its ramifications, it is extremely easy to link the two.”

In occasion of the exhibition, Leonor will be working on the project “Objects of Passion”, where the main focus will be set on the physicality of objects such as bags, shoes and hats: “When one thinks of passion we think of shoes, material, clothes, glasses, even cars…all of these objects exude sensuality… Passion.”
– Juliet Art Magazine

Florida International University, Honors College Artist-in-Residence Miami, Florida (2013 – Present)

Since 2013, Leonor has held the prestigious title of Artist-in-Residence of the Florida International University’s Honors College, and is founder and curator of the FIU’s Honors College Art Collection. She has organized and curated several exhibits, with subjects ranging from Prison Reform to Environment Preservation.

Her passion for a sustainable environment led her to create the NestGen Project. This biennial project, is comprised of artistic installations, incorporating a call to a collective conscience regarding our planet and the promotion of reuse, reduce and recycle principles.


“Upon driving through the majestic gates and up the hill to the Chateau, all I could do was marvel at all the beauty that surrounded me.”

This experience was to me, a total immersion of the senses and an environment of peace and beauty without having to worry about anything other than the work to be created. My studio was and will forever be a memory of a place that was fully me, surrounded by nature and the space to be free to create without restrain. It was a place of not only artistic growth but personal growth as well.

Some of the artists that I met while in residency will remain my friends, especially because we shared such sacred moments together. I think back on my time at Orquevaux as a time of magic, and the work I created there I consider my best to date. I cannot wait to go back.”

– Leonor Anthony